What makes Apple ‘addictive’ (and why I hate it)

When people talk about Apple they usually are either extremely for or against the company, that, while rarely people can ever point out why.

Personally, I figured, this is because of Apple’s lowest level of philosophy which they seem to follow, that is something along the lines of “We’ll worry about the system, you just do your shit”.

Why you ask? Well, this has two very obvious results, the first being that their systems appear ‘user friendly’, they make the complicated choices for you, they put some time and effort into finding the just the right approach, and use it to build all their systems and make them cooperate. But then something else happens; They FORCE you to actually USE that approach, you get little to no options to sidetrack from it, let alone take a completely different approach from the start.

And this is why many people actually dislike Apple (admittedly so do I), because they assume their users are ‘unknowledgable’ (i.e stupid), don’t allow you to take a direction of your own; You HAVE to use THEIR hardware with THEIR software, And vica versa. Yes, you do have the absurdly expensive Bootcamp, but why can’t I just install my own software and let it talk with the hardware directly? We’ve got the BIOS and UEFI, both essentially just protocols to make it possible for everyone to write their own software and make use of the hardware at the lowest level in an easy way, get the control handed to you as operating system, and then just doing whatever you want with it from there. Why in the world would I need some convoluted piece of software to do what should’ve been in the hardware in the first place? And this really puts the finger on where it hurts, Apple just doesn’t like conventions and standards, they want to do it /their/ way, because they believe their way is the best way. And to some extend it might be, they do put some thought into what they make and they do come up with smart ideas, but (besides the obvious arrogance of doing so) when you as user think you might have an even BETTER idea, well you can really just go screw yourself.

And that’s why I don’t like Apple, but can imagine why some people would.


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