The new “Stupid” mode for Nexuiz

For those who haven’t noticed yet, There’s a new “Stupid mode” available for Nexuiz, and it shows up in your steam library if you bought the game.

For those who noticed and were wondering what this actually is; read on.

I’m not entirely sure why they called it “Stupid” but one thing is for sure, this is only for enthusiasts. Reportedly the download size is 23GB, and the reason behind it is that every texture is full-res uncompressed. Quote:

And for players who want to see the full extent of how IllFonic have harnessed CryENGINE 3, there’s always what the developer affectionately refers to as “Stupid” mode. “It’s not called ‘Stupid’ for nothing!” jokes Gonzalez. “Every texture in the game is uncompressed. Every light source casts shadows. The particles are cranked. A lot of particles receive shadows. Lensflares have light shafts. Cloth physics everywhere. Mesh tessellation hotness. Super high quality environment probes. More mesh detail. More environmental props. It’s pretty stupid. In a good way!””

This “stupid” mode is a graphics mode with overdone graphics features up to the point that some will call it “unoptimised”. Some will like, some will not.

So, Unless you have some SERIOUS firepower in that computer, don’t even try it. It’ll just take up a ton of space.

On the other hand, if you DO have that firepower and you really want to benchmark your rig, give it a try! I doubt there’s anything more heavy out there right now.

Note that the author of this picture probably wasn't able to max out 'stupid mode'.

Note that the author of this picture probably wasn’t able to max out ‘stupid mode’.


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