A rant about DRM, Copyright lobbies, and Pirating

The copyright industry is becoming a real problem. There’s no denying in that. With things like DRM that goes so far that they’ll count the amount of people watching a movie and basing the amount of licenses you have to buy off that I think pretty much every sane person left will agree that things are being taken way way WAY too far.

But on the other end, I completely understand artists and authors of works want to see some money for the amounts of work they’ve put into it. I think that again, every sane person will agree with this. You want money for what you make and do, so you can actually make a living out of it, and anyone would protest at seeing other people taking their product that they want money for and using it for free.

So assuming the person reading agrees with me thusfar, how is it possible that I see a huge amount of people saying things like “I already boycot movies and music (and pirate everything I want).”

Pirating is not a form of boycotting. I’m not against pirating, I think that if you want to, you should be able to get ANY information in the world without having to pay for it first. Information should be always free to anyone at any time as that is essential to a well-developing society in times like these.

But just because you don’t agree with the price of a lunch or the DRM measures that come with your lunch (like that you have to eat it in that restaurant) doesn’t mean that you should steal the lunch instead. That’s just plain wrong. You’re cheating on a whole bunch of people, from the cooks to the restaurant owners, JUST because you don’t like a policy. And then you exclaim it’s a boycot? No, no that’s not how that works. If you disagree with the terms of service and you wish to boycot, Then boycot. When I realized that Mass Effect 3 was going to be origin-exclusive, and I really really really hate origin, I boycotted it. I have not, to this days date, played that game. And that wasn’t an easy decision, I’ve played ME 1 and 2 through at least twice each, I’ve spent at least over a 100 hours in game in both these games and I was really looking forward to the final part. But I decided that origin was going to be a big no-no for me and therefore I boycotted it.

Now I can already hear a whole bunch of people yelling “But a download doesn’t equal a lost sale! Your restaurant comparison doesn’t work here!”, which is true to an extent, but didn’t you just exclaim that you were doing it because you wanted to boycot the product and you would’ve bought it otherwise? You can’t just download every game ever and never pay for any of them, play them through several times and when someone asks “why didn’t you buy them” reply “because I didn’t agree with them!”. That’s when downloading really becomes stealing, you’re freeloading off products that you should’ve paid for.

Paying for products isn’t something that you do because someone else tells you to, you do it because you want to reward the people that created the product because you enjoyed it, and perhaps you want more. I can understand anyone downloading anything just because they want to see what it is about, but if you then enjoy what you found, reward the authors! It’s not just a kind thing to do, anyone that doesn’t do that is in my eyes a douche. Treat others as you would want them to treat you. Do you want people to steal whatever you create and exclaim it should’ve been free anyway? No? Then pay for the things you use.


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