Zomg, A blog!

… Ahem, attempt number 2.

I had previously set a blog up on my raspberry pi, content mapped to a harddrive and a custom apache/mysql config and everything, and then the SD card decided to die just a few days after its initiation. Heh.

Anyway, this is another attempt to set up a blog. I previously ranted that I wanted to have this stuff on my own servers because I wanted more control over my data, but in retrospect, it’s just a blog, not my wallet, WP.com’s hosting allows me to export the data, and takes care of all the headache of hosting wordpress, so I’m happy with it as it is right now.

I doubt many people will read this post, seeing I just set up this blog and I don’t have anything to offer yet, but eh, what’s the purpose of a blog if we refrain from blogging on it?

I’ll be posting my thoughts, rants, and other blog-y things on here. I’ve used twitter contently for a while now, but sometimes I just need more space to really speak out what’s on my mind; previously I used FurAffinity for this, but that wasn’t really the place nor do I have that account any longer, so, here we go!

Right now my life is in motion towards moving out and the like; it’s rather busy and full, so I don’t expect to post much things, but in the future that might change, especially once I get my own life on track and have more time for these things.


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